Taylor Valley – the area where the towns of Vershire, Chelsea, Tunbridge, and Strafford meet – has significantly less development and more ecological richness than most of the surrounding land. It’s been recognized by The Nature Conservancy, Linking Lands Alliance, Audubon Vermont, Upper Valley Land Trust, and Vermont Land Trust as a special place for plants, animals, and people. The Taylor Valley Conservation Project (TVCP) formed three years ago in order to keep this region as working forest and farmland for future generations.

Within this 17,800-acre area, 2,200 acres have been protected by conservation easements. An additional 842 acres have been conserved since the project began and many other property owners have expressed an interest in the project.

The TVCP board is committed to making conservation affordable by raising money to help cover landowner costs.

Taylor Valley Project Area. The red line indicates the boundary encompassing the project area.

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